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Texas Propane Tank Monitoring: Why You Need It

  Fall is right around the corner! While we haven’t faced any serious storms just yet, North Texas homeowners know it’s only a matter of time before thunderstorms and cold winds come our way. But there’s one thing Northwest customers don’t have to worry about: remembering to order propane before their tanks run dry. That’s […]

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Propane Gas is the #1 Fuel Choice for Texas Homebuilders

Homebuilders in North Texas must face a difficult decision; which fuel choice will lend the biggest punch? You have options from electricity to natural gas to propane. We’re here to share some reasons why propane gas is the superior choice of fuel for North Texas homebuilders. Why Choose Propane for TX Homebuilding? Propane Is Safe. […]

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What to do if You Suspect a Propane Leak

Propane has an added odorant to help you smell it in case of a leak at your home or business. Propane smells like rotten eggs or a skunks spray. Gas leaks can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly. If you smell propane, take these steps: Have everyone evacuate the home or business. Do […]

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Northwest Propane Tank Monitoring Program

Here at Northwest, we care about delivering to your home in a timely manner. With the tank monitoring system we are given more flexibility to do so! Northwest will monitor your tanks percentage and auto schedule a delivery for your tank to be filled when you’re running low. The Benefits of a Tank Monitor: You […]

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Transporting and Handling Grill Bottles

During grilling season its important to be safe while transporting and handling your cylinders. Here are some helpful tips for transporting and handling grill bottles! Transporting Cylinders: Make sure to securely store bottles in an upright position Never leave bottles in a vehicle for long periods of time Take the bottle out of the vehicle […]

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