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Is Propane Less Expensive Than Electricity?

March 15, 2020

When it comes to choosing an energy option for your home in North Texas, cost is a major factor to consider. Are you stuck wondering which is more affordable, propane or electricity? Read this helpful blog to understand how propane gas is significantly less expensive than electricity. Once you see the numbers, it will be clear why so many residents in North Texas are retrofitting their homes for propane or building new homes outfitted with propane appliances.

How Is Propane Cheaper than Electricity in Texas?

If you live in North Texas, it’s likely you already use propane in some way in your home. Maybe you have a propane gas stove, a propane tankless water heater, or a propane-powered pool heater. But many homes and businesses are still depending on electricity as their primary heat source. Your electric heater is costing you way more than you think! Here’s an example:

According to statistics from the Propane Education and Research Council, total costs for new, efficient heat pumps are about 20% higher than for a 92 AFUE propane furnace and a 13 SEER air conditioner.

Along with cost savings, you’ll help the environment and the earth by using propane, too. Even the newest electric heat pumps produce more CO2 emissions than high-efficiency propane furnace with a central A/C unit. In addition, heat pumps produce less-than-comfortable heat about 60% of the time in most climates. Propane consistently delivers satisfying heat to homes in every climate.

It is also important to note that the sample home propane price could be even lower if the homeowner were to receive a contracted discount price per gallon, which could provide up to $300 additional savings per year.

Why Should I Choose Propane Instead of Electricity?

The potential savings are real and significant. Today, the lowest 12-month or longer plan a customer in North Texas can get for electricity is $0.095 per kWh from a 4-star rated company. The same amount of energy would be $2.60 per gallon for propane. That is much higher than the current cost of propane from a full-service energy company. Recently, Northwest Propane tank monitor customers paid only $1.95 per gallon for propane.

Why Wait? Switch to Propane Today

At the end of the day, other energy options really can’t compare to propane. It is more affordable than electricity and is also very safe, efficient, clean burning, and domestically made right here in Texas. Contact Northwest Propane to learn more about how you can switch your home to propane or how you build your new home for propane applications.  Once you have propane, you can count on us for affordable prices and timely deliveries.