Since 1946, Texans have relied on us to fulfill their propane needs.
Our commitment to customer service makes all the difference.
Commitment to Service
Since 1946, Texans have relied on us to fulfill their propane needs.
Our commitment to customer service makes all the difference.

Propane Gas Company in North Texas

Since 1946, Texas businesses and families have relied on Northwest Propane to fulfill their propane needs. With longer interrupted run-times, cleaner emissions, and better safety records, propane is the fuel of the future. Our commitment to customer service makes all the difference. We make ordering your fuel a breeze with local dispatch offices that will work hard to ensure you have what you need to keep your home or business running smoothly. Whether you need propane to keep your fleet of forklifts operating optimally or fuel to operate your home grill, we have the knowledge, materials, and know-how to assist you. Visit one of our propane showrooms at our Carrollton or Pilot Point/Aubrey location to see all the high-quality products we offer. For more information, call our office at 972-247-6121 today!

Why Choose Northwest Propane?

We are a family-owned and -operated company passionate about providing our customers with a clean-burning and energy-efficient fuel alternative. Over the years we have established ourselves as a leader in the propane industry for our large service area, personalized customer service, and superior delivery.We offer a broad range of quality services, including…

 Commercial | Residential  | Wholesale Fueling | Forklift Fueling | Propane Refueling Stations | Autogas Conversion & Refueling | Propane Conversions | Propane Accessories

Commercial Propane

Numerous industries across the country are making use of efficient propane – it makes a difference in everything from forklifts to school transportation fleets. Fleet vehicles that use propane offer a low cost-of-ownership. School districts that invest in propane fleets can allocate their saved resources towards educational programs. Furthermore, propane has a proven performance in energy-efficiency. Commercial propane reduces emissions by up to 12 percent for carbon dioxide, 20 percent for nitrogen oxide, and up to 25 percent for greenhouse gases.

In an industrial setting, every second counts. By using propane fuel, you can ensure that each vehicle and piece of machinery operates smoothly and efficiently. A propane-powered forklift can easily lift crates and boxes for hours at a time. That is the power of propane in a commercial setting. If you care about the environment and your company’s expenses, you should seriously consider switching to propane.

Residential Propane

Everyone deserves a certain level of comfort in their home. In fact, your family probably counts on a hot shower or a warm and cozy living room in the winter. While a gas heating system will work for a time, it can easily become unreliable as a result of heavy use. A propane system, on the other hand, is clean and efficient, consistently delivering heat when it counts.

At Northwest Propane, we provide propane for homes of all sizes. An all-propane home provides increased energy savings, monetary savings on monthly utility bills, and higher overall efficiency. On average, homeowners can save up to $2,000 during the propane system’s lifespan. There really has never been a better time to embrace the benefits of propane. Propane will easily meet your home’s primary energy needs, including outdoor flame lighting, water heating, space heating, and even fire pits. That’s why more and more homeowners are switching over to propane.

Products & Services

Here at Northwest Propane, we believe in making things easy. As a homeowner or business owner, you probably want to save both time and money. For more than 70 years, we’ve worked to make our services straightforward and comprehensive. We currently offer the following:

If you want to learn more about our propane products, you can visit one of our showrooms. We have two showrooms at our Carrollton and Pilot Point/Aubrey locations. They each feature propane outdoor kitchens, grill tools, portable cookers, patio heaters, and fire pits.

Whatever your needs – whether you’re an industrial complex, a school district, or a homeowner – we can handle your propane requirements. You can count on Northwest Propane!

If you are ready to lower operating costs, save monthly on fuel, and reduce emissions, call Northwest Propane to make the switch. Dial 972-247-6121 for more information and pricing.

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