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Installing A Propane Tank With Northwest Propane

February 4, 2021

Whether you’re building a new home or have an existing home, propane can efficiently fuel multiple appliances in your home or business. Listed below are the stages of installing a propane tank through Northwest Propane.

On Site Evaluations:

An onsite evaluation is the first step in the installation process. Our service department will meet with you at the location you want the tank installed. They ensure we can legally set a propane tank according to state and local regulations. They will create a quote with all the necessary items to set the tank and email it to you. Then the customer will review the quote and sign it, then return it to us via email. This locks-in the price and ensures a propane tank is held in their name.


Once we have received your signed quote, we get will you scheduled for the tank set. Tank sets are determined on the availability and kind of tank you are requesting. We try to schedule tank sets within a week of receiving the signed quote.


On installation day, our service department will bring the propane tank and tools to get the tank installed. Underground tanks will require two servicemen and generally an excavator onsite to dig and level a hole to set the tank in. Once they have the tank placed, they call our office to route a delivery driver to fill the tank. On the final hook up, they will ensure appliances are running properly and check for leaks.

Additional Notes:

If you own your propane tank and need a fill, but do not have an account with Northwest Propane, you will need to have a gas check performed. This is where our service department get all your appliances on file and check for leaks. If no additional repairs need to be done, our service team will request a fill for your tank.

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Underground Propane Tank Installation