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How to Properly Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

September 13, 2018

Winter is fast approaching. The cold season will be here sooner than you expect it, which is why at Northwest Propane we want you to be as prepared as possible. Looking at your gauge regularly allows you to stay ahead of the weather. Make sure that you have enough fuel for your home or business with a proper propane tank gauge read.

Propane Tank Gauge Tips

We created a list of simple things to keep in mind when dealing with your gauge:

  • Your tank’s percentage gauge is located under the lid of your propane tank.

    Propane Tank Gauge. Northwest Propane.

    Image by Carter Porier for Northwest Propane

  • Your gauge will have numbers on it indicating the percentage. If the gauge reads 80 percent, your tank is full. If the gauge reads 40 percent, your tank is half full.
  • Tanks are filled with liquid propane, and are only filled to 80 percent. This is important because the gas in the tank needs to have enough room to contract and expand in cold and hot weather.
  • Ran out of gas? A gas check must be performed in order to review the integrity of your system, per state law.
  • Some tanks contain pressure gauges attached to the regulator. It is important that you understand the difference to avoid confusing them for percentage gauges. Pressure gauges only show the pressure in your system, normally ranging from 0-30psi.

Are You Out of Propane?

Dealing with a gauge is simple, but it might be time consuming. Don’t wait until you run out of propane to look for an alternative! Northwest Propane has a monitoring program that constantly checks your tank’s percentage through a Wesroc cellular tank monitor. This is an uncomplicated way to make sure you have propane – and peace of mind – during every season.

For more information on your tanks percentage gauge or on how to get a tank monitor contact us at 972-247-6121 and one of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you!