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Texas Propane Tank Monitoring: Why You Need It

August 20, 2019


Propane Tank Monitoring

Fall is right around the corner! While we haven’t faced any serious storms just yet, North Texas homeowners know it’s only a matter of time before thunderstorms and cold winds come our way.

But there’s one thing Northwest customers don’t have to worry about: remembering to order propane before their tanks run dry.

That’s where propane tank monitoring technology comes in! We offer WESROC® propane tank monitors to provide you with convenient automatic propane delivery, so you never have to remember to order a propane delivery.



How WESROC Propane Tank Monitors Work

  • Rent the Tank Utility propane tank monitoring device for only $10/month
  • The tank monitor connects to a cellular network, notifying Northwest of your usage
  • The monitor will alert our expert delivery techs, when your propane tank level is getting low
  • We will automatically make a propane delivery, preventing the fuel runouts, leak checks, and pilot re-lighting that comes with priming an empty tank for a fill

How Propane Tank Monitoring Helps Our Customers

WESROC propane tank monitors’ benefits of convenience, peace of mind, and automatic propane delivery prove to be highly valuable to our residential and commercial customers each and every day. Not only does this technology save you from a propane request every time you need a refill, but your family can rest easy knowing that your tank and heater have the fuel they need to perform.

Our Propane Tank Monitor Benefits

  • Automatic propane delivery
  • No need to monitor propane tank levels
  • Easy-to-use technology, installed by us
  • Unmatched peace of mind

Propane tank monitoring from Northwest Propane is designed for seasonal and year-round residents alike. Instead of scrambling to check your tank when the news predicts cold weather, you can trust that your fuel supply is ready for a potential power outage. Have questions about the WESROC monitoring service? Contact our office to inquire or request a propane monitor today. One of our customer service representatives are always happy to assist you.