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What a Propane Water Heater Can Offer You

November 11, 2016

Propane Water Heater WorkYou have many decisions to make when building your home that involve accounting for both up-front and long-term costs. With the growing trend toward energy efficiency, there is a lot of consideration given to appliances and fixtures that have a strong balance between low energy and maintenance costs.

In many homes, the water heater is the second largest source of energy use in the home. The marketplace is filled with a range of water heaters that vary both in style and energy source. If you’re weighing the options for your home, here’s what you need to know about choosing a propane water heater over other choices.

Cost Savings

Overall, a propane water heater will have a lower lifetime operating cost than alternatives. Depending on the energy rating of the heater, propane heaters can save up to 60% on monthly energy bills. Conservative estimates for a ten-year lifespan mean potential savings of $3,000 to $4,000 thanks to a propane heater.

Daily Use

There are several benefits a propane water heater will offer for how you use water daily, including…

  • Quicker recovery rates mean you get more hot water from a smaller tank
  • Propane tanks allow for more accurate water temperature control
  • There’s a lower risk of power problems

Conservation Is Key

Choosing a propane water heater improves your conservation efforts in every sense of the word. The energy efficiency helps lower your carbon footprint, cost efficiency saves you money, and the operating efficiency saves you space in your home by allowing you to choose a smaller tank.

If you’re considering options for your next water heater, propane is a great decision to make. To learn more about your options from the experts at Northwest Propane, request a consultation online or call today at 972-247-6121.