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Transporting and Handling Grill Bottles

July 24, 2018

During grilling season its important to be safe while transporting and handling your cylinders. Here are some helpful tips for transporting and handling grill bottles!Transporting and Handling Grill Bottles

Transporting Cylinders:

  • Make sure to securely store bottles in an upright position
  • Never leave bottles in a vehicle for long periods of time
  • Take the bottle out of the vehicle as soon as you get to your destination

 Connecting Grill Bottles to Appliances:

  • When connecting your grill bottle to an appliance, make sure to connect it securely to where a leak will not happen
  • Spray the connection down with leak detector every time you connect the bottle to ensure there are no leaks
  • Make sure to open the grill bottle slowly when you’re ready to use the appliance
  • Opening the grill bottle too fast may cause the bottles excess flow valve to shut off or “check”, this may cause no gas flow to the appliance. To fix this issue, open the handle half a turn then close and repeat 2-3 times.

For more information on grill bottles or safety, please contact us at 972-247-6121. A helpful team member will answer any questions you may have!