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Top Five Reasons for Choosing to Purchase a Gas Stove

September 24, 2014

Purchase a Gas StoveMany people choose to purchase a gas stove because it offers a traditional cooking method with many distinct advantages. At Northwest Propane, our customers report that gas stoves provide reliable cooking results and a less expensive source of heat and energy for preparing meals.


Cost, Cooking, and Reliability Advantages


Turning on a gas stove produces an instant and constant flame that you can visually adjust. You do not have to wonder if the stove is off or on, cold or hot, or if the setting is correct. The top five reasons for choosing gas stove cooking include:


  1. Evenly distributed heat. The flame is centralized, allowing for even distribution of heat to the cookware. This reduces scorching and uneven cooking.
  2. Faster cooking time. Because gas heats up immediately, it takes less time to cook your food. In addition, the ability to adjust the temperature from high to low allows you to prepare your meals faster.
  3. Accurate cooking temperature. Gas stoves align the temperature to the recommended requirements in recipes and cookbooks. Adjusting the flame with the turn of a dial transmits the heat changes to the cookware instantaneously.
  4. Lower heat emissions. Gas stoves emit less wasted heat, maintaining a cool environment in your home because the flame and the heat it emits disappear when turned off.
  5. Power Outage Protection. If the power goes out in your home, you can still cook a meal on your stove because gas lines are not typically affected.


Making Your Decision Simple


With a variety of features and conveniences, gas stove cooking provides a less expensive and quicker way to prepare your meals. At Northwest Propane, we believe that when you take into consideration the gas stove advantages, including consistently good cooking results, savings on household bills, and their eco-friendly status, your choice to purchase a gas stove is an uncomplicated one. Call us today at 1-800-274-6121 for more information on our commitment to service.