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Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Propane Heating This Fall

September 14, 2017

Propane Boiler

The price of crude oil is beginning to drop, which, in turn, is causing the cost of heating fuels to fall. You might be tempted to hang onto an old oil furnace for a little while longer. However, the benefits of switching from oil to propane surpass the typical financial advantages. Propane prices are also decreasing. That’s not the only reason why so many homeowners are opting for propane these days.You could be the next in an extensive line of savvy property owners.


First and foremost, propane is one of the most efficient fuel sources. Oil furnaces typically produce heat at around 60% efficiency, which means for each dollar you spend, you’ll receive 60-cents worth of heat, give or take. Propane, on the other hand, is around 90% efficient.
Furthermore, appliances that make use of propane enjoy a longer lifespan, making them a long-term choice for homeowners.


Secondly, propane is an environmentally-friendly solution. Oil leaks regularly cost thousands of dollars and are extremely troublesome to clean. In fact, cleanup for an oil leak usually requires an entirely new tank and supply line, plus the removal of all contaminated soil.
Propane, in comparison, is non-toxic and does not create the same hazard as oil if released. There are no long-term environmental effects of a propane spill, even in enormous quantities.


Lastly, many insurance companies across the country have strict rules on oil tank and furnace coverage.The same cannot be said for propane heating, though. In the event of an oil leak, your insurance may not cover the full cost. You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

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