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The Advantages of Propane Gas for Businesses

May 24, 2013

Propane Gas for BusinessesAs a business owner/operator, you know the importance of a profitable investment. Therefore, you can appreciate a venture that caters to cost-effectiveness, environment safety, public health safety, and convenience. These are just some of the benefits you will experience using commercial propane gas as a fuel alternative.

Reasons to Use the Propane Alternative

  • Cost-Effectiveness. Most of the propane gas consumed in the United States is produced locally; therefore, it costs less to produce. Due to lower production costs, the savings are passed on to providers. Compared to natural gas, propane fuel produces a higher level of evenly distributed heat, causing vehicles and facilities to use less energy.
  • Environmental Safety. Propane gas is less harsh on the environment because it gives off less emissions into the air. Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, the carbon monoxide output is 30-90% less from propane-powered automobiles. By switching to commercial propane gas, there is also a 50% less chance of toxins and smog-causing substances in the atmosphere.
  • Public Health Safety. Less emissions in the air from automobiles and other devices that use fuel mean cleaner air. Clean air equates to a healthier atmosphere where people have less chance of inhaling disease-causing air pollutants.
  • Convenience. Propane gas can be used to operate your appliances, vehicles, and business. Pipelines already exist and the gas is stored in portable tanks. Larger tanks are available for servicing buildings.

Make the Switch

The decision to switch to propane gas is a lifelong investment. Because it works harder than its counterparts, your vehicles and facilities become more energy-efficient. Therefore, less time and money are spent on purchasing and refueling.

As your Dallas propane gas provider, we know you’re concerned about maintaining your profits, the environment, and people’s health.To find out how to order propane gas, just call the Northwest Propane Gas Company at 800-274-6121.