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Why Commercial Landscapers in Texas Are Using Propane Autogas

July 25, 2019

Do you own or operate a professional landscaping business in North Texas? We know that it’s a year-round industry that gets especially busy during the summer months. Make keeping up with the needs of your landscaping customers in Texas easy and affordable with efficient propane autogas.

6 Reasons to Use Propane Autogas to Power Commercial Mowers

  1. Cleaner Engines
    Propane autogas is a clean-burning fuel and it shows—just look at the engine of a propane-powered mower. Propane autogas causes virtually no carbon buildup on valves or the combustion chamber and causes significantly less gumming and corrosion.
  2. Greener Operation
    Using propane autogas for your landscaping equipment and commercial mowers is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Propane autogas produces significantly fewer airborne emissions which can be a great selling point for environmentally conscious landscaping customers.
  3. Lower Fuel Costs
    When you run a business, the bottom line is often related to pricing. The good news is, using propane autogas in your mowers and landscaping equipment can help you cut down on costs. In fact, it has been found that landscapers who switch to propane autogas save 30-50% on fuel costs compared to gasoline and diesel.
  4. Reduced Maintenance
    Because propane autogas burns so cleanly, it can lead to decreased corrosion and gumming. This means you can spend less time and money on carburetor maintenance and more time on the job.
  5. Convenient Refueling
    Northwest Propane is proud to offer on-site cylinder refueling and refueling station options to landscaping companies in North Texas. We will refill your cylinders at your job location or set up a refueling station that your team can use to refuel your fleet of mowers.
  6. Valuable Incentives
    The Propane Council of Texas is offering monetary incentives for commercial landscapers in Texas that purchase new propane mower equipment or complete propane mower conversions. Make the switch to commercial mowers powered by propane to earn up to $7,000 back on new propane mower equipment!

Get the propane autogas you need when you need it most! Northwest Propane is pleased to serve landscapers in North Texas with cost-effective and efficient propane autogas refueling services. Contact us today.