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Protecting Your Propane Tank During Hot Weather

May 6, 2015

Propane Tank ProtectionThe summer months can be extremely difficult to handle and should be approached with care. There are also items in and around your home that should be treated with more care during this time of year, as well. For instance, your propane tank should be protected when the weather outside is scorching during the summer months. Knowing the right things to do to help keep your tank in good condition all times of the year is extremely important.

Empty the Tank

It’s a great idea to keep your propane tank empty when the weather outside is scorching. Consider only having it filled to a certain point in the winter months and then waiting till the next season to have it filled again.

This will help prevent the possibility of overheating issues that could cause you problems if your gas tank is full.

Replace Safety Valve

Your propane tank has a safety relief valve that should be put in use during the summer months. This may prevent unwanted issues from occurring to your propane tank. These safety valves have been known to pop off and if this happens to yours, it’s a great idea to replace it immediately.

Keep it Covered

One of the best ways to ensure your propane tank will be secure and safe during the summer months is by putting a cover on it. This can help keep it cool and also protect it from the sun.

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