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Propane Motor Fuel Could Be Right For You

November 15, 2013

Propane Motor FuelIf you drive a vehicle that runs on propane motor fuel, also known as liquid petroleum gas or LPG, you already know about the cost savings in comparison to traditional gasoline. You probably also know that it is cleaner and causes much less wear on your engine than gasoline. In fact, LPG is the one of the most-used motor fuels in the world behind gasoline and diesel, and is used by many commercial fleets for its cost savings and clean-burning properties.

Cleaner Burning Alternative Fuel

If you are driving a gas or diesel vehicle, you may wonder how to get propane motor fuel. And you may have questions about how readily available Dallas propane fuel sources will be if you do convert your engine. Propane specialists can explain the benefits and trade-offs involved in running on LPG and can answer all your questions about how to switch over.

Conversions are possible, but it is important to weigh your potential benefits against the costs of any conversion that you may be considering. Tax benefits may be available at the state or federal level to help defray the costs, and long-term savings may help to balance the equation in favor of conversion from traditional gasoline.

One of the best sources for Dallas propane, whether as a motor fuel or for filling portable propane tanks for grilling, is Northwest Propane. Call them today at 972-247-6121. They can answer questions about any propane use issues as well as the costs and benefits of switching to cleaner-burning propane motor fuel.