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How Propane Makes For a Better Grill Out Party

October 22, 2016

Propane beats Charcoal AnytimeIt’s an age-old debate that seems like it will never officially be decided: charcoal versus propane grilling. But we’re here to tell you, and it’s not just because we’re biased towards propane, that nothing makes for a better grill out party than a propane grill. But don’t just take our word for it: here are some indisputable reasons why you should always elect to use propane over charcoal for your next grill out.

Easy To Light

Nothing is worse than having dozens of guests waiting to grab some grub while you’re still nervously trying to fiddle with a heavy bag of charcoal, leaky can of lighter fluid, and box of matches that you’re praying didn’t get ruined by the rain – we’ve all been there. And even when you do get your charcoal lit, there is no easy way to maintain temperatures or an even light.  With propane, all of that guess work is taken out of the process, as you can literally go from worrying to well-done in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Put Out

The beauty of grilling with propane isn’t just how quickly you can heat up the grill and get it ready to cook, but also how fast you can shut it down and cool things off when you’re ready to pack it in for the evening. Charcoal, along with being messy, can take hours to burn out after all the cooking is done. Alternatively, with propane, it’s just a simple turn of the knob and things are well on their way to chilling out back to a safe temperature. When it comes to feeding your guests in a timely manner, propane is clearly the way to go.

Have Fun All Summer Long

Bags of charcoal are expensive, heavy, and a pain to keep handy for whenever the grilling mood strikes you. A Propane tank on the other hand is built to last, and can provide you with dozens of hours of grill time on a single tank. Not only is it more economical, but it also is more reliable each time you want to fire up the grill – especially if you’re part of our tank exchange program.

For these reasons and more, at the Northwest Propane Gas Company, Propane is always serious business. To get a quote for your next project, call us now at 972-247-6121 or visit our contact us page.