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Know Your Dallas Clean Air Requirements

August 30, 2015

Dallas Clean Air RequirementsThanks to the Clean Air Act established in 1970, our air here in Dallas is significantly healthier to breathe in. As such, we thought we’d use this post to refresh our readers and clarify what all is required of the citizens of Dallas when it comes to cleaner air.

Controlling Pollutants

The fact of the matter here is, we all need to do our part to avoid putting pollutants into the air we breathe. That means limiting the pollution we emit that are considered some of the most common dangerous gases, which include carbon monoxide and lead. One of the ways we can combat this pollution is to ensure you’re disposing of various chemical substances with the right waste removal service. Call the City of Dallas’s Waste Management Team for the most up-to-date information on where to dump these materials.

Controlling Motor Vehicle Pollution

The city of Dallas promotes carpooling. This can easily be seen by the constant developing of High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes and by the signs that mark the roadway. These lanes allow carpoolers to ride together. This is highly encouraged by Dallas, as it limits the amount of fuel gas leaked into the air and coincides with the goals of the Clean Air Act.

Transitioning to Healthier Air

It isn’t too difficult to enact these Dallas Clean Air Act requirements. Just a few simple steps makes a world (or a city!) of difference. More questions? Contact Northwest Propane at 972-247-6121.