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Best Reasons to Choose a Propane Water Heater Over Electric

January 15, 2015

Propane Water Heater Over ElectricIf you’re in the process of looking to replace your hot water heater, what is that influences your choice?

Availability, purchase cost, running cost, or even just ease of installation?


There is no doubt that a straight replacement for what you already have may make installation a little easier. But on the whole, there is little difference in install times between systems when fitting a new system after a remodel or new build.


Give some thought as to the size of the heater with respect to the actual output. This is measured in liters or gallons per minute. This is in addition to the considerations of actual physical space. A modern propane water heater will often be much smaller than a traditional electric powered heater. Thanks to propane, you have more choices regarding where to put your water heater.


The purchase cost of a propane water heater (generally speaking) is greater than traditional heaters, but that can be easily offset by the greatly reduced running cost. In fact, studies have shown that an ENERGY STAR® qualified propane tankless heater with an Energy Factor (EF) of 82% can save a homeowner up to 60% on energy bills compared with a standard electric model.
We can’t guarantee that figure, but it does give you a good indication as to how much more efficient they can be.

The Environment

If you’re looking to save the planet as well as some money, it is worth noting that propane emits far fewer greenhouse gasses than the more traditional fuels.

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