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7 Ways to Benefit From Propane Gas Service

October 30, 2014

Propane Gas ServiceWho doesn’t want to save money, energy, and headache when thinking of energy? At Northwest Propane, we encourage homeowners to discover the array of benefits they can enjoy from propane gas service. It’s the most common method for residential alternative fuel, and for good reason.

1. Efficiency

First and foremost, propane is an incredibly efficient way to run your home, as it reduces waste much better than electricity. Propane gas stoves, for example, operate concentrated flames that don’t emit unnecessary heat. Likewise, gas water heaters effectively heat the water as it’s flowing to be used.

2. Reliability

Propane easily powers high-performance appliances without the hassle of electric burnouts. You enjoy a constant source for quick cooking, and you don’t have to worry about outages.

3. Better Cooking

Not only do you enjoy uninterrupted cooking, but propane stoves provide much more accurate temperatures compared to electric models. They reduce heat loss, provide even distribution, and offer an overall faster cooking time.

4. Safety

Having a propane gas service means keeping your family safe. Choose to have your tank buried underground to keep it out of the way. Propane is a non-toxic fuel, so it doesn’t contaminate your water supply.

5. Convenience

Who enjoys the runaround from public electric companies? Your propane service comes with easy account services and real-life technicians who handle installation and refilling. You can even opt for the extra convenience of a tankless water heater to save on space.

6. Reduced Footprint

Compared to most common fuel sources, propane emits far less greenhouse emissions, so it’s friendly on the environment. It’s even an approved alternate fuel source under the EPA’s Clean Air Act.

7. Money Savings

Ultimately, propane is cost-effective, especially in the long run. Propane appliances are less expensive to operate than electric models, and because they’re so efficient, you save even more without changing your habits.

To enjoy all of the benefits of propane gas service, contact Northwest Propane at 972-247-6121.