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5 Tips for Choosing a Propane Generator

September 30, 2015

Propane GeneratorGetting a propane generator is a good idea, any way you go about it. The hard part of buying one though is choosing the right one. When you’ve decided to take that leap into a warm home and working appliances during that power outage, consider these five tips when choosing one that fits your wants and needs.

Meeting Your Home’s Usage Needs

Consider this factor when you’re choosing the right propane generator. This is determined by the wattage used by your various appliances, your window unit, and any other electric-powered device. If you have several of these devices, you should consider a higher wattage generator.


Fuel is needed for most generators. Whether that’s gasoline, propane, or natural gas, something fuels your generator. When considering going with a propane generator, ensure that you are comfortable with the fuel needed to power the generator. Be aware too that this involves storing excess propane at your home.

Auto-Off Feature

Some generators will automatically turn themselves off when they recognize that the engine oil is low. This may be a useful feature to consider when making the propane generator purchase.


Do you want a portable generator? This is a possibility, but it comes with concessions. A portable generator is less expensive than a stationary one, but that is because it puts out less power.

Starting the Generator

Propane generators either have a push to start button or pull to start option. With the electric start button, note that it requires battery power. Battery power means that you need to buy the battery. It does not come included, so you need to be conscious of this extra cost.

Choosing to go with a propane generator is a great decision, just make sure to select the right one on your terms and based on your needs. Want more information on making that decision? The qualified pros at Northwestern Propane are ready to help! 972-247-6121.