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5 Myths about Propane Explosions

November 20, 2015

Propane ExplosionsMany of us don’t properly understand propane gas tanks and how they work. Therefore, there are some common misconceptions that we at Northwest Propane would like to put straight.

The Truth

  • Propane tanks don’t just explode. The material that propane gas tanks are made of is protective of the gas inside. Therefore, it doesn’t just combust.
  • Explosions are caused by falling over. If a propane gas tank is hit by a car, lawnmower or by accidental human error, and falls over, chances are, the pressure and contact it has with another item will make it combust, maybe even explode, and go on fire.
  • Human error is the biggest cause of explosions. If you don’t abide by the safety cautions put in place when it comes to a propane gas tank, chances are, you can cause an explosion. The reason rules are in place is to avoid accidents. If you are unsure on what to do, speak to your supplier or a professional.
  • Propane tanks cannot be near excessive heat. Putting a propane tank in a hot environment can be fatal. You MUST keep the propane tank somewhere that is away from hot environments as they increase the chance of explosion.
  • A professional should install your tank. Yes, we all like to think we know what we’re doing from time to time, but the installation of a propane tank is a little more serious than your regular DIY project. Under no circumstances should you try and install or tend to a propane tank on your own. Always call a professional.
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