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North Texas Propane Mower Engine Conversion & Refueling

Professional landscapers across the county are taking advantage of switching their mowers to propane autogas. Landscapers who switch to propane save between 30-50% on fuel costs compared to gasoline or diesel. However, the lower cost of fuel is just one of the many benefits of utilizing propane for your mowing fleet:

Propane mower advantages

Cleaner Engines

  • Virtually no carbon on valves
  • Extended engine & oil life
  • Reduced carburetor maintenance


  • Reduced harmful emissions & greenhouse gases
  • No “Ozone Day” usage restrictions
  • Positive selling point for environmentally conscious customers

No Fuel Spills or Pilferage

  • EPA estimates 17 million gallons of fuel spilled annually with lawn equipment
  • Sealed propane tanks = no spillage and $0 loss
  • $0 lost to fuel theft into non-company equipment

Ease of Refueling

  • On-site cylinder refueling by your propane provider
  • Cylinder replacement in-field vs. time spent refueling at gas stations
  • Plug & play propane refueling stations for minimal installation costs


  • Both national and Texas-based incentive programs are available to help with your switch to propane
  • Grant & rebate programs can assist with mower and truck engine conversions or help pay for new factory OEM propane-powered mower and vehicle purchases

Northwest Propane has been providing propane autogas mower and vehicle engine conversion and refueling services to landscapers in Texas for over 20 years. Our customers have seen firsthand all the benefits propane offers and continue to win new opportunities as more commercial property owners invest in LEED certifications and show preference to greener, environmentally friendly services. Interested in learning about how propane could improve your company’s costs and image?

Contact us for a free consultation, and we will be happy to walk you through all available options and funding incentives.