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Northwest Propane Gas Company, Founded in Dallas Texas Offers Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring

Put our advanced technology to work for you! Our Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring program allows us to monitor your propane fuel level for you, from your primary Northwest delivery site.
A special unit placed on your tank communicates to our servers via satellite, so your local manager can automatically send a delivery truck to your site at just the right time — before you run out, just when your fuel level is low enough that you receive the maximum volume discount per gallon.

How SkyTrackerâ„¢ Works

SkyTracker continuously monitors the tank, transmitting tank information periodically. It also transmits when an abnormal pattern or event is detected. Propane tank
Residential Propane - Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring Dallas TX Tank and SmartHome data are transmitted to Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites by the units powerful transmitter (no external phone line or power supply needed).
The receiving satellite relays the message securely to the nearest ground station Advanced encryption is used to protect all data throughout the entire process. Residential Propane - Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring Dallas TX


Residential Propane - Satellite Fuel Level Monitoring Dallas TX The information is then send to NASCorp’s data center where it is stored and processed. Alerts are immediately send via cell phone (SMS), pager or email.



Tank information is available 24/7 at the SkyTracker portal web site. Tank data can also be shared with the distributor’s information systems, allowing the implementation of consumption billing and other custom projects. Propane tank

Additional Benefits:

  • Monitor your fuel level remotely, using any Wi-Fi connection
  • Get automatic warnings for irregular usage volume that could be caused by a leak

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