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Propane Forklift Cylinder Refueling and Cylinder Refueling Stations

Propane Grill Cylinder Exchange

Overview of Forklift Fueling Options

To meet your customers’ delivery needs, you rely on forklift operators to transport materials as quickly as possible. Minimizing the downtime of your forklifts has an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.
On-site cylinder refueling and bulk cylinder refueling stations can increase lift operator efficiency because the cylinders are filled to their intended legal capacity.and therefore last longer. This decreases the unproductive time spent changing out cylinders by your employees.

Changing Propane Tanks for Forklift Safety

Everyone wants a safe working environment, especially in an industrial complex. If you ignore proper propane safety when changing the tank of a forklift, you invite potential damage and injury. Of course, in many cases, the worst damage is only decreased productivity. However, our team works to avoid even that.

At Northwest Propane, we follow all OSHA safety regulations when handling or changing forklift propane tanks. We strive for the utmost safety:

  • We inspect each cylinder when we refill the propane.
  • We strive not to spill any liquids.
  • We remove any damaged tanks from the premises.
  • We repair or replace any leaking valves.
  • Where needed, we replace the tank o-rings.
  • We train all our employees in all safety measures.
  • We hold to safety procedures that meet or exceed both OSHA and insurance standards.

We will do our best to ensure that neither your staff nor ours is ever in danger.

PPE Requirements for Changing Propane Tanks

Personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE, is specialized equipment designed solely for handling corrosive or hazardous materials, including propane. The material of such protective equipment ensures that workers face minimal exposure and decreased potential for injury while changing the propane tanks of a forklift or other piece of machinery.

These are the standard PPE requirements, as set by OSHA:

  • Wear proper eye protection, such as goggles or full-face masks.
  • Wear insulated, loose-fitting gloves (dry leather or insulated neoprene).
  • When necessary, use a breathing mask to avoid noxious fumes.

With these safety precautions in place, Northwest Propane can efficiently and promptly replace the propane tanks of your facility’s forklift. We strive to minimize all potential damage or safety concerns during the process. We do this by adhering to all insurance and OSHA standards. The security of your facility and its employees matters to us!

Key Benefits of On-site Refueling
  • Ensures you receive the legal full 33.3 lb. capacity of fuel – increasing lift run time
  • Improves on cylinder exchange programs, which typically fill below the legal 80% capacity
  • Significantly less cylinder storage needed at your facility
Customer Service & Dispatch
  • Local dispatch, customer service, account management and billing – no regional call centers
  • Customized route delivery options where you pick the delivery day and time
  • Same day service request guarantee (for requests made before noon) without expedite fees
  • GPS Dispatch – immediate service call dispatch & GPS routing for unmatched response time
  • Courteous, licensed, professional delivery drivers
  • Dedication to Customer Service at all levels
Technology, Equipment, & Safety Training
  • Onboard Customer Database – onboard data systems updated in “real-time” for error-free billing
  • Bottle Service Delivery Trucks – designed specifically for on-site forklift cylinder refueling for improved safety and performance
  • Remote pump shutdown with unmanned safety stop timer system – exceeding state requirements
  • Certified, lightweight aluminum forklift cylinders with full maintenance included
  • Galvanized, multi-cylinder storage cages with secure locking systems to deter theft
  • Forklift Cylinder safety training available at your site – provided FREE
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