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Tractor Trailer Diesel Propane Injection Conversion

When you are driving long distances, every bit of fuel efficiency counts. The PFT system from Propane Fuel Technologies creates a potent blend of propane and diesel. By replacing a more expensive fuel with a cheaper one, you can go farther without paying more. Better yet, all that is required to switch over to a PFT system is a quick and easy installation that requires no modifications to your diesel engine. While alternative fuels are available, OEM engines in the transportation and industrial sectors are specifically made to accommodate standard petroleum diesel feedstock, an industry standard.

Diesel to Propane Solutions for Tractor Trailers in North Texas

Due to environmental concerns, regulations are becoming increasingly strict on diesel engines. As a result, diesel engine owners will be forced to upgrade or completely replace their engines to be in compliance. Our PFT system allows diesel engines to burn cleaner, reducing the immediate need for engine replacement, which can be devastatingly expensive for those in the commercial trucking industry.

  • Safety: When handled, stored, and transported properly, propane is one of the safest fuels on the market. It has a much higher flash point compared to gasoline.
  • Reduce emissions: At the point of use, the use of propane results in fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) when compared to gasoline, diesel, heavy fuel oil, or E85 ethanol per BTU.
  • Increased stability: Propane is created from natural gas through the process of refining petroleum. More than 90% of the propane in PFT’s current area of operations is produced in North America.

Northwest Propane is an authorized installer for PFT Diesel Propane Injection Systems.  We are happy to provide you with more information about how propane injection systems can significantly lower your fleets operating costs. Call 972-247-6121 or (800) 274-6121, or email us at