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School Bus Diesel Propane Injection Conversion

We rely on our school buses to get countless students safely to school each day. What if there was a way to make our children’s journey safer, all while cutting operating costs, putting more money towards education, and reducing emissions? When school districts make the switch to the PFT system from Propane Fuel Technologies, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. The PFT system blends propane with diesel, replacing expensive fuel with a more affordable one. Better yet, installation is simple and requires no modifications to the diesel engine itself. While alternative fuels are readily available, OEM engines in the transportation sectors are primarily focused on accommodating standard petroleum diesel feedstock. Northwest Propane can assist you in switching your fleet of school buses to the energy-efficient PFT system.

Diesel to Propane Solutions for School Bus Fleets in North Texas

As diesel engines are more strictly regulated, school districts that rely on diesel engines will be forced to look for cleaner alternatives. This means a vast majority of school buses will need to be replaced with brand new ones that meet all regulations. The PFT system allows the same engines to burn cleaner fuel, which eliminates (or at least postpones) the requirements for school districts to be burdened by large upfront costs.

  • Reduces emissions: Propane emits less greenhouse gas (GHG) than gasoline, diesel, heavy fuel oil, or E85 ethanol per BTU. Better for our children and for the environment.
  • Increased safety: Propane is a safer fuel to use on transportation systems that carry our most precious cargo. The temperature required to ignite is higher than gasoline.
  • Domestically produced: Propane is produced during the process of refining petroleum. Over 90% of the propane in PFT’s current area of operations is domestically produced.

Northwest Propane is an authorized installer for PFT Diesel Propane Injection Systems.  For more information or to learn how propane injection systems can significantly lower your school bus operating costs, Contact us at 972-247-6121 or (800) 274-6121, or email us at