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North Texas Diesel Propane Injection Systems

Diesel Propane Injections

The PFT system from Propane Fuel Technologies blends propane with diesel, replacing a more expensive fuel with a cheaper one after a simple installation and no modifications to the diesel engine. While alternative fuels are readily available, OEM engines in the transportation and industrial sectors are primarily targeted to accommodate standard petroleum diesel feedstock.

As regulatory restrictions on diesel engines increase, diesel engine owners will be forced to look for cleaner alternatives, which very often include replacing older engines with newer, more compliant ones. The PDI system allows the same engines to burn cleaner fuel, eliminating (or at least postponing) the need for those large capital expenditures up front.


  • Emissions reduction:

At the point of use, propane emits fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) than gasoline, diesel, heavy fuel oil, or E85 ethanol per BTU.

  • Safety:

Propane is a safe fuel when properly stored, transported, handled, and used. It requires a much higher temperature than gasoline to ignite.

  • Stability:

Propane comes from natural gas and the process of refining petroleum. Over 90% of the propane in PFT’s current area of operations, North America, is domestically produced.

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