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Motor Fuel Alternatives

Autogas- a “Green” Fuel

Autogas, or liquid petroleum gas, is the third most popular motor vehicle fuel in the world. This is because this mixture of propane and butane reduces exhaust emissions. In fact, autogas reduces CO2 emissions by about 35% as compared to petrol.
Autogas not only offers environmental benefits, but it also offers money saving benefits. If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, this is a great investment for you. With 90% of this fuel being made in the United States, you are saving money for your company while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. This growing trend is also making it simpler to get autogas, as there is now over 2,500 autogas fueling stations.
There’s no need to wait to convert your fleet anymore. This alternative is cheaper than gasoline and greatly reduces your emissions. Save money and help the environment. Call Northwest Propane today about switching to autogas.